Cabinets, Yeah!!!  For me, and I think the home owners, this is one of the biggest steps.  Now you can really see the transformation.  This is the time when as the designer I start to sweat.  If anything is wrong with the design or the work completed to this stage, it will all come to light as soon as the installation begins.  In years gone by, I worried a lot on this day. Now, 15 years later, I have a lot more confidence in myself, but with remodeling the day you stop worrying is the day something goes wrong.  Fortunately, and as usual, everything was fine. We are very careful when we order the cabinets to ensure accuracy. We always layout the cabinets full scale (drawing on the floor, or by using tape) on the day of the order. Most companies do not take this extra step, but we feel it really helps prevent time consuming mistakes.

There was 1 cabinet that was not quite right, so we had to place a rush order for a new wall cabinet 3″ larger.  This is one of those instances where, we maybe could have “fudged it” but we would rather get it perfect.  The good news is it did not create a delay.  The most important thing is that the base (lower) cabinets get installed so the counter measure can go ahead.

My brother Joe generally does our cabinet install and finish carpenter work. I can honestly say that his expertise and craftsmanship make all the difference in the world.  Having him on the site also put my mind at ease because, as he likes to remind me, he can make wood dance.  It is not uncommon  for Joe to modify cabinets on the site and they always look perfect when he is done.  I have seen beautiful cabinets installed poorly (not on our job sites) that look like junk.  It breaks my heart to see good money thrown away on a poor install.  A good install is everything!!!

So we are not to the big reveal, but this will give you a taste:

Cabinets before install

One of many tasty treats provided by the homeowner. Our guys love that! Thanks!

Get crack’in Joe, there’s work to be done.

Cabinets installed

Refrigerator wall.  You can see spaces for the fridge and microwave.  The little drawers on the wall cabinet are missing their face, but they will be coming soon.

Until the granite is installed in the kitchen we will be finishing up some electrical and other items. Cabinet hardware, vent/hood install and miscellaneous other things.

The next blog post will be after the granite countertop is installed. We are almost to the finish line.