The Plan

Coming up with a design is one of the first steps to a successful remodeling project.  In my opinion, a smart design walks the line between form and function.  I see all kinds of beautiful designs on TV and in trade magazines that look great, but would not function well. As with most things, good looks alone will not get you very far.

All homeowners have a different vision and communication is the key to making sure that the final product suits the needs and tastes of the homeowner.

This particular project is a small kitchen, original to the home and badly in need of a change.  The customer’s wish list included more counter space, island or peninsula seating and more storage.  The homeowner’s willingness to go from an eat in kitchen to a peninsula with seating is the first step to making it all possible.

The small wall to the left of the refrigerator is coming out and cabients will replace the table

We are going to remove the wall to the right of the dishwasher and the dining room wall you see in front of the back door

The table takes up a lot of valuable space. The original design of the home necessitated small walls at the end of the cabinet runs to support the 2nd story and roof loads.  The walls created breaks in the room that visually made it look smaller and took up space that could be counter and storage.  We are also going to remove part of the dining room wall, so when you walk in the back door you are no longer walking into a cramped back hall area, but directly into the kitchen.

So, after we “eeek” out every last inch of cabinet and counter space, its time to chose the cabinets. Oak has always been a favorite in Wisconsin and often it matches the original trim in the home, so oak was an easy choice.  Raised Panel cabinet doors are a traditional style that fit well in a lot of different circumstances.

Using granite countertops can be cost prohibitive, but granite’s beauty and durability makes it a worthwhile choice.  Granite is generally grouped into different price brackets, in this case referred to as Tiers. A tier 1 granite is a good way to keep the budget under control while using a poplar and timeless material.  The new countertop will be complimented with a Travertine tile backsplash.  The original floor is almost brand new and still available, so we will be patching the areas were the walls are being removed.

I hope this have given everyone a good basis to understand the project.  The next post will be after the demolition takes place.  Hopefully, there will not be any surprises.

Kitchen Floor Plan: Walls that are being removed are shown with blue eased lines.

New refrigerator wall layout

The new layout includes seating for 2 on a peninsula and a base cabinet near the back door to hold shoes.

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